How to Start Your Own Heavy Metal Band

So, you’ve decided you want to start a metal band. Whether that’s due to high school nostalgia, or Heavy Metal strikes a chord with you, actually starting a band is a valiant goal. However, you may have some questions and not know where to start.

Here are some tips on how to start your very own, very first, heavy metal band.

Heavy Metal Concert

Decide What You Want Out of This

Are you trying to go big and live out your life-long dream of becoming a musician? Or, do you simply want to jam out with a group of your best buds at an open mike night somewhere?

If you have a more “let’s just see what happens” vibe, chances are you’re not wanting to make it big. The “why” is important because it will dictate how you start your band, and how aggressively pursue your agenda. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to dissuade you! This is your baby.

Get Your Instruments!

Make sure you have a band member for each instrument you need. If you don’t have instruments yet, you can do a quick internet search to find local music stores. For example, If you’re looking for drums from a local store, try Drum Center of Portsmouth.

Find a New Niche

The quickest way to become irrelevant as a band is to create music that’s already been done. Don’t just copy an already existing metal band: find your own voice! Dig in deep and think about what you want to hear on those days when nothing sounds right on shuffle. You might even create a whole new genre!

Remember: you’re doing this for you, so make the kind of music YOU want to hear. If you do what you enjoy, the rest will follow.

Pick a Bomb Name!

The best band names are simple and short – this makes them easier for fans to remember! Keep it between 1 to 2 words long. In the spirit of metal, pick something macabre and dark: something having to do with death and suffering, preferably.

If you’re dying for a longer name, make an acronym out of it that people can remember easier!

What About the Music?

Keep the melodies and lyrics simple. People want something they can jam and mosh to. People can’t head bang to a constant guitar rift. Write something simple enough to remember, but not monotonous enough to get old. The key here is simple and variable.

Don’t be afraid to take criticism and suggestions from fans, since they are the ones who will buy your music!

Get Your Name Out There!

Delegate one member of your band to book gigs so you don’t get double booked. Get a google calendar with everyone to backcheck dates. The best way to get exposure is by literally getting out there. If you can afford it, try to book gigs outside of your local town, state, or even country! The further out you go, the more connections you can make!


So, as with any band, the quality of music is important. You and your band members should have unique talent to bring to the table. Rehearse at least once a week and make time to come together to collaborate on new music and ideas.

Bottom Line

Starting a band is no easy task, especially if this music project is something you want to go long term. It will take time, dedication, effort, and communication between you and your band-mates. But, if it’s something you’re truly passionate about, don’t let anything or anyone stop you! Music is one of the greatest joys of life, and bringing more of it into the world is a fantastic goal.