Indian Grindcore GROSSTY Premieres New Track ‘Death Roll’


Indian grindcore legends GROSSTY have been shocking the nation ever since their inception. From their vulgar pelvic thrusts on stage to their audacious themes encapsulated in the wonderful T Bare McClough artwork (ex-Transcending Obscurity staff member from UK), GROSSTY‘s “Crocopter” debut is probably the most awaited album in the underground. Expect nothing less than over-the-top neck-snapping madness.With song titles like “Mermaid Marriage“, “Proud to be a Pervert“, “Pussy Bun” and “Tortoise on a Tree“, you get the gist. Each song has special demented lyrics with some artwork reference or the other included in the artwork.

When you think of India, you think colours. Not only has special care been taken to ensure that the same sentiment is reflected with regards to the band’s two album artworks, but it’s only fitting for GROSSTY‘s music which is an unpredictable maelstrom of grind, punk, crust and death. It’s one of a kind and it’s insane. UK magazine Soundscape premiered one of the tracks. You can watch “Death-Roll” below.

There are two such artworks – one for the album cover, one for the slipcase. Each physical product comes with a poster of the “Hexesquigglid” (slipcase artwork). This is madness and wild fantasies channelized through punk/crust-laced grindcore. Two vocalists make sure the 20-minute long “Crocopter” experience is colourful as the drummer breaks records (and heads) with his insane speed and versatility. Mastered in the US, nothing has been compromised on. If you thought originality was lacking in grindcore, here’s a fresh take on the whole style – without diminishing the fun element. Like it or be repulsed, “Crocopter” will go down as one of the most outstanding albums of this genre.

The new album comes out on 15th November and you can pre-order it from their Bandcamp page.

Artworks have been made by ex-Transcending Obscurity staff writer T Bare McClough (UK) – handpainted on canvas.

1. Brink
2. Zit
3. Laugh at their Lives
4. Burn Baby Burn
5. Cop Hand
6. Corporate Gigolo
7. Crocopter
8. Death Roll
9. Saltie
10. Froggy the Killa
11. Get Grinded
12. Gounder Grind
13. Mermaid Marriage
14. Proud to be a Pervert
15. Lunch Skipper
16. Pussy Bun
17. Mouthful of Mayonnaise
18. Jesus Christ
19. Rawr
20. Crocking
21. Tortoise on the Tree