Instrumental Space-Rock Trio MOON Releases Debut Album ‘Maybe We’ll Come Back’

Instrumental space-rock trio MOON has self-released their debut album “Maybe We’ll Come Back” on June 11, 2018. The album is represented by video single “Lux Aeterna”, an emphatic space-rock execution of 21st century classical music leitmotif from the film “Requiem for a Dream”.

“Maybe We’ll Come Back” is guitar driven record, features a no-nonsense melody and the riffs, and hard-hitting rhythms themselves are the backbone of this cosmic tale.

On the enduring appeal of instrumental music, drummer Miro says „This journey can be interpreted in many ways because first of all, there is nobody telling you what the song is about. That leaves your imagination free to associate your own story with whatever it is you hear. This is the freedom that instrumental music has always held for people — it gives them the ability to write their story into it“.

Of the influences and inspiration, the band names THE WHO, YJ Malmsteen, Gagarin, Spaceballs, Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 video games.

MOON’s debut album “Maybe We’ll Come Back” was recorded in February 2018 at Chicken Sound studio in Zagreb, Croatia. It was mixed and mastered by Vedran Kovacic-Beli. The video single version of „Lux Aeterna“ was mixed by renowned regional sound engineer Igor Pauk, and mastered by Drago Smokrovic-Smokva. Album synths composed by Croatian industrial rock / trip hop artist Filip Majdak, who also provided remix version of „Take Off“.