Interstellar Duo NEORHYTHM Releases ‘Meteoric Thoughts’ EP

Interstellar duo NEORHYTHM have released their “Meteoric Thoughts” EP. The follow-up to this year’s creatively aggressive debut album, “Zetetic“, includes three new tracks, as well as pummeling covers of DISTURBED‘s “Stricken” and MUDVAYNE‘s “Dig.”

You can stream “Meteoric Thoughts” EP entirely below.

NEORHYTHM offer what can only be described as Metal from Space. Creative in concept and aggressive in approach, you are cordially invited to take an interstellar journey that will prove impossible to forget. “Meteoric Thoughts” was recorded and produced by NEORHYTHM. The EP was mixed/mastered at BlastbearSound. The artwork was created by Orm Embar.

Meteoric Thoughts” Track Listing:

1. Diatribe
2. Milkomeda
3. Fibonacci Sequence
4. Stricken [Disturbed Cover]
5. Dig [Mudvayne Cover]

Meteoric Thoughts” EP:

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