ISOLERT Premieres ‘Extinction’ Official Video


ISOLERT have just revealed new video for, “Extinction,” created by VisionBlack on behalf of F*cking Your Creation Records.

“Extinction” is taken from ISOLERT‘s second studio album, World in Ruins, which was released in November of 2020 via Nihilistische KlangKunst and will be released on a limited tape format by FYC Records on February 6th.

Howling forth from the nameless abyss betwixt Hell and insanity, black wings outstretched to envelop the world, comes the nihilistic yet irrepressible spirit of ISOLERT. Forged in Volos, Thessaly amidst the searing flames of 2015 by Nick S and Panagiotis T (also active together in SØRGELIG), this bewitching project draws not from the classic Greek black metal sound and instead delves deep into the Scandinavian night with a wretched fervor that calls to mind such luminary names as GORGOROTH OR DISSECTION, dexterously blended with a touch of that crepuscular madness that only acts like Tribulation can typically conjure.

The early years of ISOLERT were a flurry of diabolical activity. In March of 2015, with the sparks of their meeting setting all around them ablaze, their initial demo, Isolated Soul, was quickly wrought upon the unsuspecting world. 2016 would then see Giannis and Apostolos join the band for the release of their first LP, entitled No Hope, No Light… Only Death, garnering great acclaim. 2017 pushed their possessed productivity to even greater levels of intensity, the impure fruits of which were an EP entitled Isolert, a split album with countrymen and kindred souls INSANITY CULT, plus a collaborative effort with the mighty HUMAN SERPENT on a glorious 20-minute composition — all of which only served to strengthen their whispered legend. And then, the project was locked in a cage. Hidden deep underground. Almost forgotten…until now.

In November of 2020, the second album, World in Ruins was released by Nihilistische KlangKunst, the final catastrophic blow upon humanity via digipack CD and 12″ vinyl, with spectacularly eschatonic cover art courtesy of VisionBlackNikos Stavridakis.

And finally, in 6th February of 2021, F*cking Your Creation Records will release World in Ruins limited in 50 hand numbered pro tape format, with unique items accompanying it!

Isolert World In Ruins