Ivy Gold – Broken Silence Review

From where I’m standing, female voices, without a doubt, give that particular spice to any song. There is a certain warmth and a feeling of closeness in their voices that appeal a lot to me as I’ve been telling for a long time here. “Broken Silence” features frontwoman Manou whose sweet, velvet and smooth voice makes Ivy Gold’s music much more relevant the way I see it. For all that matters “Broken Silence” isn’t an album of any Metal genre for this is the appeal of it. It’s that 1960’s Blues that reached a commercial success in the middle of the 1970s when it was combined with some Funk and Soul. It’s a music of heart and soul with no shadow of doubt as my dear child of the night might have the opportunity to check it out. To some extent I feel that Metal fans need to have some experience with the roots of Metal music and Ivy Gold with “Broken Silence” represent it pretty well.

Besides Manou’s sweet, velvet and smooth voice I mentioned before the album brings two features that really make my mind. They are the 1960’s crystal sounds of the guitars which I guess are gotten from only an amp and some overdrive from it. Well, I guess. I suck at guessing the gear musicians use. But they are so crystal clear that amazes the fan at each note played. The Blues guitar playing has some slight difference from Metal guitar playing even though the Blues inspired so many Metal guitar players. But it’s great to learn from all the finesse guitarist Sebastian Eder uses here with the aforementioned overtones. A suggestion; go right to “Six Times Gone” and check the Eric Clapton’s inspired slow hand way of playing the Blues. By the way, Eric Clapton is a great reference to the music my dear child of the night will find here. The metallic sound of the guitars of album welcomer “Broken Silence” is also a highlight to an album that has lots of them. Here Manou gives everything she’s got. Years ago this song would get the parades with no shadow of doubt. Here and there intertwined with the guitar and the voice is the keyboards with its myriad of sounds and affects that amazes a lot everyone who’s into it. It’s so 1960’s inspired that it made my mind blow. One of the things I like most about the 1960’s is the sound of the keyboards. Take a look at the intro of “Drifting” to get what I’m saying.

“Broken Silence” is an album for metalheads that cherishes the sounds of the roots of Metal music. Or, simply, for the ones who appreciate good music.

Ivy Gold “Broken Silence” will be released on May 26th via Golden Ivy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Broken Silence
  2. No Ordinary Woman
  3. Got What I Need
  4. House of Cards
  5. I Am That I Am
  6. Six Times Gone
  7. Sacred Heart
  8. Drifting
  9. Broken Wings of HopeOld Love
  10. Silence

Watch “Broken Silence” official music vide o here: