JEFF YOUNG: ‘DAVE MUSTAINE’s The Kid Who Can’t Share His Toys’

Jeff Young Dave Mustaine

In a recent interview with Metal Edge, former MEGADETH guitarist Jeff Young reflected on his experiences with the band. He discussed the various difficulties he faced during the band’s So Far, So Good… So What! album recording such as drummer Chuck Behler‘s arrest for drug possession.

Young admitted that he had wished to continue with MEGADETH, but eventually decided to part ways due to issues around Dave Mustaine‘s drug abuse and paranoid delusions. He refuted allegations of making advances towards Mustaine‘s fiancé and described Mustaine as being narcissistic, insecure, and constantly looking for someone to disparage.

“Pretty early on in the sessions, [drummer] Chuck [Behler] got arrested for trying to score black tar heroin. I knew then and there that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore,” Young said. “So, Chuck was in jail, and that freaked me out. I promised myself then and there, ‘I’m gonna stay in this thing for as long as it’s healthy for me.’ And you can trace what happened from that moment onward.”

Jeff remarked on the fact that his tenure with the band scarcely lasted two years: “Sure, I would have loved to have stayed in MEGADETH. But it was to the point where you had a guy suffering from paranoid delusions freebasing drugs 24/7.”

When asked about the allegations of making advances towards Mustaine‘s fiancé, which purportedly resulted in his dismissal, the guitarist responded: “It never happened. But these are the bulls**t lies that have been spread repeatedly. To this day, MEGADETH’s fans look at me weirdly. And to be honest, I don’t really appreciate it.”

In spite of the passage of time, and particularly since Young reestablished his presence through KINGS OF THRASH, there has been a continuous exchange of sharp criticisms between him and Mustaine. When contemplating what Mustaine allegedly thought of him, Young further commented: “I think we all know people who are both narcissistic and insecure at the same time. Dave has never been the type to want to share the glory. My time in the band was basically witnessing a giant power trip. I always thought of Dave as being similar to Dennis the Menace. He’s the kid in the sandbox who can’t share his toys. And when you have that personality type, you never get over things.”

“It’s why he keeps on talking about METALLICA. Even back then, I was like, ‘Dude… why can’t you get over that?’

Dave always has to find someone to disparage. But it’s not just me. And if it was just me, why has he run through so many different people over the years? Sure, it may be peaceful now, but don’t let him fool you; he’s the same guy that he always was. It just depends on the day.”