K.K. DOWNING: It’s ‘Absolutely Unbelievable’ That I’m Not Allowed To Rejoin JUDAS PRIEST

K.K. Downing

In a new interview with Brazil’s Diário De São Paulo, founding JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing was asked if there is any chance of him ever returning to PRIEST.

“No. I asked [them] many, many times in writing,” he responded. “Even before doing this project, I said, ‘Are you absolutely sure?’ And they said, ‘You’re out. The door is closed.’ So then I decided to put KK’S PRIEST together, and that’s the only choice I’ve got. And now I’m fine with that. I don’t see that there’s any other option ever.

“I think it’s absolutely unbelievable that Rob [HalfordPRIEST singer] left the band for 12, 14 years, Glenn [TiptonPRIEST guitarist] did solo albums with other musicians, but I was the loyal [member of] PRIEST,” K.K. continued. “And I introduced them into the band in the beginning.

“For them not to allow me to continue… Because they told the world that I had retired, so why not allow me to come back out of retirement, if that’s the only problem, the only issue, when there was an opportunity. But there’s a lot of misinformation. So, without going into too much detail, I just need to move on.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Downing went on to praise the rest of KK’S PRIEST, in which he is joined by former JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals), along with guitarist A.J. Mills (HOSTILE), bassist Tony Newton (VOODOO SIX) and drummer Sean Elg (DEATHRIDERSCAGE).

“The band is great. I’m really happy with the band. They’re in love with the music, in love with everything. They’re totally dedicated. And we’ll kick some serious a—s when we play live. You know me — I only do it one way.

“One of the reasons I was unhappy [with PRIEST] in 2010 was the band seemed to slow down and lost the energy and the will to wanna go out there and give 101 percent,” K.K. continued. I’m very grateful to all the fans that travel so far and spend money and take the time out to make arrangements. So when you’re on the stage, you have to give 101 percent; you have to do that and enjoy doing that.”

KK’s PRIEST have released their their debut album, Sermons of the Sinner, on October 1, 2021 via Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records.