LARS ULRICH Toilet Goes Viral

Lars Ulrich toilet header

A toilet fashioned in the 1980s likeness of METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich has gone viral online.

Creator of toilet version of famous drummer is none other than the Prince Midnight, the Florida metal musician and provocateur who previously went viral when he made a guitar out of a skeleton he claimed was his dead uncle’s.

Prince Midnight told Loudwire: “Make no mistake, this is not me taking a jab at Lars. This is my way, albeit unconventional, to honor Lars Ulrich and METALLICA. I could have painted a picture or made a traditional sculpture, but no one would have even noticed, and really, that’s not the kind of art and performance I do. The first band I ever loved was METALLICA, the first record I became obsessed with, the first music I ever dove into, the concert I ever attended.”

Prince Midnight built the toilet using “a ton of natural clay from the art store to sculpt the body and legs,” he reveals. “Then I used alginate to mold and cast my own hands and feet in resin. I saved the facial sculpt for last, using photos of Lars from the ’80s. Then, like the hands and feet, I made a mold and cast it in resin. I ran steel rebar through the whole thing with fiberglass batting so it’s pretty rugged. My backyard has essentially been an auto body shop for the last couple of months.”

Lars Ulrich toilet
Lars Ulrich Prince Midnight