MAX CAVALERA Clears The Air On SEPULTURA Reunion Rumors

Max Cavalera 2023

During a brand new interview with Metal Injection‘s Frank Godla, Max Cavalera shared his thoughts on SEPULTURA reunion.

“My insight about the whole thing is I’m kind of surprised by it, you know,” Max said. “As far as a reunion – I wanted to reunite with my brother and that’s what he also said a long time ago when we first got together. So to me that was the real reunion, me and him, and we did that and it’s opened the doors for all these re-recordings and playing, all these records. It is so cool the way we’re doing them.

“We have like an unwritten rule between me and Igor, like we’re gonna do this thing now differently than how we did it back then, because back then there was a lot of drama and stress that we didn’t like, and a lot of political stuff,” he continued. “So it was like, if we’re gonna do it now, we’re gonna do it for the love of it, you know for the pure enjoyment of the thing. That’s how we’ve been doing all these years, with all these tours and recordings and everything.

“So for me, there’s not really a reason to go back to SEPULTURA. I know it would be back to more stress and stuff that I don’t really need in my life, man, and I think us playing live, and even having like Travis and Igor Amadeus with us is so badass because they connect with the younger generation. Yeah, I don’t see a need to do a reunion and I think more than ever now, especially now that they’re gonna disband. The band is done and me and Igor will get to keep doing what we want with CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, which is SEPULTURA in itself.

When pressed whether there’s any chance of reunion with SEPULTURA happening, Max offered: The more the time passes by, the more I feel that I don’t need to. Like I said, the real reunion is between myself and Igor, and I did that. It’s pure magic and amazing what we’re doing right now. You kind of have to realize if we end up doing a SEPULTURA reunion, it’s almost like we can’t go back to the CAVALERA thing, You know? It won’t really make sense. People probably will be like “I don’t want to go watch CAVALERA if they’re doing a “real” reunion. To me, I don’t want to do that because I love what we have here in CAVALERA now. It’s so Bad a*s. So yeah, it’s definitely out of the question.

Last month, during an interview with Rock Hard GreeceMax was asked if the current lineup had invited him to participate in the band’s final concert, which will conclude their ongoing farewell tour.

“I have not [been approached],” he said. “In fact, I think I saw one thing Andreas of course said [in an interview], like, ‘Why are we gonna ask them? They’re gonna spoil the party,’ which is very typical [laughs] of Andreas to say that.

“I don’t know. I think I’m gonna let things happen the way they’re gonna happen,” Max continued. “I’m not gonna force anything, and if there comes a time where we feel that we should make a reunion — okay, fine, as long as we do it the right way. Just like with these re-recordings [of early SEPULTURA albums that Igor and I are doing under the CAVALERA name]. I think we made them the right way — honest, proper, from the heart.

“So right now I’m not thinking about that. I know they announced the end of the band. I don’t understand this idea. I don’t know if they were forced to do it, or if it’s a mutual decision of just stop playing ’cause you don’t wanna do it anymore. I don’t know. I myself cannot live without music. I need to play live. It’s like the air I breathe.

“I love what I’m doing right now with Igor, with CAVALERA, and we’re gonna continue,” he concluded.

This past April, SEPULTURA guitarist Andreas Kisser spoke about the possibility of reuniting with Cavalera brothers during an appearance on Conectados program on Transamérica radio, in São Paulo.

He said: “I think the idea of ​​a last and final show, it would be interesting to have the members, including, obviously, [the Cavalera brothers].” We have Jean DolabellaEloy [Casagrande] himself, Jairo Guedz, other musicians who took part, such as Roy Mayorga and Max and Iggor himself”.

“But man, this is something that… this will be a little later. I would really like to invite everyone, right? But that doesn’t just depend on us.”

When discussing his relationship with MaxAndreas said: “Man, I don’t know, I saw him, I don’t know, like six, seven years ago, at a festival. We greeted each other. Dude, there’s no such thing as seeing each other and hanging out at each other’s necks, there’s no such thing as that, you know? We don’t have this aggressiveness or hatred thing. I don’t hate Max at all, I respect Max and Igor a lot. If it happens, it will be beautiful. But also, if it doesn’t happen, we’ll celebrate it the same way.”