Listen To CHESTER BENNINGTON Sings SLIPKNOT’s ‘Wait And Bleed’ In New AI Remix

Chester Bennington Slipknot Wait and Bleed

A new AI remix that combines the voice of Chester Bennington, the deceased LINKIN PARK vocalist, with the iconic SLIPKNOT track “Wait and Bleed” has emerged online, sparking different opinions on the ethics of such a creation.

Recently, an AI remix with Chester Bennington‘s voice singing SLIPKNOT‘s “Snuff” has gained significant attention. Slipknot’s frontman, Corey Taylor, has expressed his strong disapproval of such AI technology in music, stating that it diminishes human creativity and undermines genuine talent and hard work. He also criticized the practice of using deceased artists’ voices for music production and called it a disrespectful act towards them.

“It’s cheap s**t. I don’t know what it is about human beings—they keep f**king opening Pandora’s box for God’s sake,” Corey said.

“It’s scary, dude. I thought deep fake was bad and now here comes AI and all you do is teach this thing to do this or you type this thing to do that and all of a sudden it’s just there. How much more do we want to lessen—and I mean lessen as in detract from—what we actually do as human beings?”