Listen To Folk Versions Of IRON MAIDEN And BLACK SABBATH Songs

Tony Iommi Bruce Dickinson

LYRIA‘s vocalist, Aline Happ, recently released on her YouTube channel folk reinterpretations with Celtic influences for the songs “Wasted Years” and “Children of the Sea,” by IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH, respectively. The songs are part of a project developed during the Covid-19 pandemic, in which the singer covers pop and rock/metal songs. The video series features versions of David Guetta, Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, CREED, among others.

“I really like both bands, they are classic! And these two songs are true rock/heavy metal classics. Heavy Metal is already epic and it matches with symphonic and folk elements. So my idea was to bring an epic atmosphere with a folk and Celtic style for the songs.”, explains Aline Happ.

IRON MAIDEN‘s song “Wasted Years” is part of the album Somewhere in Time (1986) and was composed by the guitarist Adrian Smith. The song is one of the classics of the British heavy metal band, becoming an anthem for fans who admire the power of the riffs and the strong chorus.

The second song is “Children of the Sea,” by BLACK SABBATH, composed by Tony Iommi and with lyrics written by Ronnie James Dio. The song is part of the album Heaven and Hell (1980), the first without Ozzy, and it was developed during a jam session between the two musicians. The album was the first of the band to receive Silver certification, selling more than 60,000 copies in UK. This album attained Gold certification, being the only one in the band’s history to receive both certifications in the English chart.