MACHINE GUN KELLY Charges At Crew Member: ‘I’m Going To F****** Kill You!’ (Video)

Machine Gun Kelly Press Photo

During a recent performance of his in New York City, Machine Gun Kelly got really pissed off at one of his crew members.

He even shouted “I’m going to f*cking kill you!” before storming off stage and charging at them.

In a video below, Machine Gun Kelly can be seen glancing to the side while singing one song, and at one point when he places his mic back in its stand that he turns and shouts “I’m going to f*cking kill you!” before storming off the stage.

In a separate video you will find below, you can see MGK striving to confront a crew member; a security guard is holding him back from getting too close to this individual. When he does return to the stage, he picks up a guitar and starts bashing it against the ground.

There is no confirmation what might have caused the issue yet.

Reply to @jessicamazur0 they should’ve brought him his guitar when he asked the first time around #MGK #mainstreamsellout #MSG

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