Malkuth – Adoremus Lucifer Rex Review

If I had a time machine and could come back in time to meet the teen me and tell that there would be such a thing as Melodic Black Metal my teen self would say “Nah! Come on! You’re f**king with me”. The old grumpy me would have to reply “Language, boy! Yeah, that’s right, you long hairdo fool!”. Ok, that’s a hypothetical situation. Not the Melodic Black Metal but the time travel. But I mean when I say that I wouldn’t believe in a thing called Melodic Black Metal years ago. In my mind melodic and Black Metal are exclusive things. The references I had in the past taught me this. So, sorry.

Ok, I wouldn’t say “Adoremus Lucifer Rex” is a Melodic Black Metal, however, most songs in the album could be considered it. That’s a plus side of the album. It means it is very varied with lots of out of the Black Metal box songs. Let’s get the keyboards of album welcomer track “Reverence to the Great Black Goat God” which sonancy adresses to the good old Art Rock era. Not a common trait. Not really. Even thought the mesmerizing guitars. “Reverence to the Great Black Goat God” delivers a great idea of what my dear child of the night could expect from the album. Following track “The Seven Greatest Infernal Regents” totally begins inside the Black Metal box with a faster than the speed of light and insane flaming guitars. The kind of track the all black metallers revere by its power and glory. On the other hand, “Golden Pillars of the Palace of Impurity” is a cadenced as the album welcomer with great sounding guitars. I just love the their overtones. So clear, so precise. I also have to highlight the drumming with its double bass technique. Drummer Aeshma does a great job here. Malkuth’s lithurgical way of putting songs up works just fine here. The album is the perfect combination of agression and melody, if you know what I mean. Go right to “An Epic Journey Through the Dark Nosferatic Woods” to get to know what I’m telling you.

“Adoremus Lucifer Rex” is an album of great tunes. Yeah, tunes. I say that because Malkuth carefully wrote them to be that way. All tracks are flawlessly put together. As a bonus ther are three covers. First of them is all time classic Sepultura’s “Troops of Doom” with a Malkuth wrapping. Second is another all time classic Moonspell’s “Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I).” Third, not to be redundand but being redundant because the song deserves it, Bathory’s “Father To Son.” All covers delivering great joy to my dear child of the night.

Malkuth “Adoremus Lucifer Rex” was released in July via Obskure Chaos Distro.

Track Listing:

  1. Reverence To The Great Black Goat God
  2. The Seven Greatest Infernal Regents
  3. Saudações as Três Pontas do Tridente
  4. Golden Pillars of the Palace of Impurity
  5. An Epic Journey Through the Dark Nosferatic Woods
  6. Adoremus Lucifer Rex
  7. Naamah
  8. Epilogue
  9. Troops of Doom – Sepultura Cover
  10. Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento I) – Moonspell Cover
  11. Father To Son – Bathory Cover

Watch “Adoremus Lucifer Rex” official music video here: