Mammoth Salmon – Last Vestige of Humanity

a0382549168_10  If I were to be completely honest, and I will be, Mammoth Salmon was the last name that I was expecting to see in my inbox when I woke up this morning. One of the most unusual names I’ve ever heard I instantly thought of two things: (1) they will be a very unusual band in a good way, and (2) they could be very bad. And thanking whoever decided to give me good luck today, it is the first thought that turned out to be true as Mammoth Salmon’s debut full length album “Last Vestige of Humanity” is a lot of things, but 100% awesome (cheesy, I know, but stay with me!). Combining the genres of doom metal, stoner rock, and even sludge metal, Mammoth Salmon creates an awesome list of songs that have a real crunch to them while containing the slow tempo of doom metal, the overall feel of stoner rock, and the vocals that are perfect for any sort of sludge metal band. Each track has a great feel them while a plethora of hooks and riffs to them that make them very easy to listen to along with drawing you in and making the song more interesting. And while I don’t think “Last Vestige of Humanity” a perfect doom/stoner album, it is definitely a very awesome album in just about every way possible for its style and it shows that Mammoth Salmon is both an innovative and intriguing band. I can feel that Mammoth Salmon is on the very cusp of something truly great, but for now this 6-track 35+ minute album packs a real punch that any fan of doom, stoner, or even sludge can get into as “Last Vestige of Humanity” has just a little bit for everyone.

You can stream “Last Vestige of Humanity” on Bandcamp here or stream it via YouTube below.

Track Listing:

  1. Ad Nauseam
  2. Acid Casualty
  3. Last Vestige of Humanity
  4. Memoriam
  5. Shattered Existence
  6. Believe Nothing