Man Wearing ‘GOD’ Shirt Arrested After Trying To Burn Satanic Temple In Salem

Satanic Temple

A man with the word “GOD” on his shirt tried to burn down the Satanic Temple building on Bridge Street in Salem, MA on Friday night (June 10).

The man was identified as 42 year-old Daniel Lucey who is now facing charges of arson of a dwelling, interfering with civil rights, and destruction to a place of worship, Boston Globe reports.

According to CBS News, people inside the Satanic Temple said they got notifications on their phones from their doorbell camera. Someone was on the porch, and the video showed he was lighting the place on fire.

The video showed a man walking from Bridge Street onto the property at about 10 p.m. Friday. In the video, the man walked onto the porch, dropped a backpack and started pouring flammable liquid, police says.

Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves took to Twitter to post a handful of photos from the night, with accompanying message: “We will fix it. We will clean it up, air out the smoke, and we will reopen. We are extremely grateful to be in Salem, and a part of the Salem community, which has been nothing but helpful and supportive.”