MEGADETH’s DAVE MUSTAINE Says ‘Killing Is My Business’ Was ‘So Ahead Of Its Time That People Didn’t Really Understand It’

Dave Mustaine Killing Is My Business

During a recent interview on Paraguay’s Trece channel with Lucía Sapena, Dave Mustaine was asked to pick his three favorite MEGADETH albums.

“Oh, that’s hard to say. That’s like asking somebody to pick their favorite child,” he responded. “There are certain records that we have that were really influential in my life. Peace Sells[… But Who’s Buying?] was. I think Killing Is My Business[… And Business Is Good!] was so ahead of its time that people didn’t really understand it. And that’s when art is at its best, when you get something new that you’ve never heard before. When you hear a record and it’s just the same old crap, nobody wants that. I mean, how long has it been since we heard a new band that was really fantastic, like a new IRON MAIDEN or a new AC/DC or a new MEGADETH or a new GUNS N’ ROSES. We haven’t heard a band like that in so long that was something that we stopped and went, ‘Wow. That’s great.'”

Mustaine also commented on his current perspective on the thrash metal genre, saying: “Well, it’s hard to say how I view the genre, because there are so many different subsections of heavy metal. When it first started, it was hard rock and then heavy metal came, and then The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal came and then there was power metal and speed metal and thrash metal and black metal and white metal and death metal and core metal and true metal. God, how many metals can you possibly have? So for me, what I’m aware of is what MEGADETH is doing.”

When asked about the key to MEGADETH‘s and his own enduring success, Mustaine remarked: “The secret, I think, is being honest with yourself. And I don’t try and act like I’m better than other people, because I know I’m not. I know there’s a better singer out there than me. I know there’s a better guitar player out there than me. So I enjoy what I possess, the gifts I have. I enjoy the friends that I’ve made, and I love my job, so I can’t wait to do it.”

In September 2022, MEGADETH‘s latest studio album, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!, made an impressive debut, seizing the third position on the Billboard 200 chart during its initial week of release.

It also topped several other charts including Top Album Sales, Top Current Albums Sales, Top Rock & Alternative Albums, Top Rock Albums, and Top Hard Rock Albums. Globally, The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! was MEGADETH’s most successful chart-topper till date. It secured the first position in Finland, ranked second in Australia, Poland, Switzerland, and Scotland, and stood third in the U.K, along with several other commendable positions.