MERCYFUL FATE Release ‘Melissa’ Digitally In Honor Of the Album’s 40th Anniversary

Mercyful Fate Melissa

Metal Blade Records has announced that it is releasing MERCYFUL FATE‘s classic Melissa digitally on October 30 in celebration of the album’s 40th Anniversary. What makes this release special is that it’s a version of Melissa that was remastered in 2005 by Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound in NYC and has, up until now, not been available to fans digitally. Thanks to the band and as a treat to their fans, this remastered version of Melissa is now available across all digital service providers including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and more!

To further celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Melissa, the band worked with their merch company Bravado to create a new line of Melissa themed items that are now available to fans worldwide.

Mercyful Fate Melissa Merch

You can check digital version of Melissa here, while merch is available at this location.