Metal music facts you will find interesting

Source: Unsplash

You might be the biggest heavy metal fan that has ever trodden this Earth, but we are sure that there are still some interesting facts that you would find surprising. This article could also be great entertainment for those who associate metal music with loud noises and not much else. Do you want to know what interesting facts might still shock or amaze you? Keep reading to find out.

Did you know that the heavy metal genre originated out of simply rhythmic and music structures, other technical aspects of the music and rock, incorporated into distorted guitar sounds and extremely fast drums?

Heavy metal is the beginning of it all and out of it was born such genres as black metal, death metal, thrash metal, nu-metal or power metal. A few well-known brands actively participated in the beginnings of these sub-branches, which were Iron Maiden, Slayer, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Heavy metal bands definitely influenced the music industry, but did you know that they left an imprint on fashion as well? Judas Priest revolutionized the fashion of the heavy metal stage with its provocative and edgy dress style.

No one who has at least once heard a heavy metal band would feel shocked by their lyrics and musical motifs. At least not many people would, except for several countries who banned Cannibal Corpse from performing due to their, what they called, immoderate lyrics and over-the-top fascination with death in their music videos.

James Hetfield, Metallica’s lead vocalist, did not start his music career with a guitar in his hand. His first instrument was piano, and he supposedly kept practicing because he wanted the cookie he was promised at the end of every lesson. Sounds like good motivation, but an unusual start for the heavy metal band member.

If there was a contest for the largest group of band members, Black Sabbath would have a bit of a problem finding the worthy opponent. The band had 27 members, official ones, throughout the whole time of their activity.

Tool’s guitarist, Adam Jones, is skilled in more fields than just guitar playing. He was once offered a scholarship in a bit of different industry – in the movie branch. Instead, he decided to study sculpture and art in the City of Angles. For some time, he even worked as a visual effect designer and sculpture on movie sets. It proved to be quite useful on the sets of the Tool’s music videos sometime later.

Have you ever wondered where did the genre’s name come from? Why is it heavy metal and not anything else? The truth is that no one knows for sure. Some claim that it originated from a hippie movement, which sounds unbelievably, but the word “heavy” meant “deep” or “serious” there. Another theory says that it’s taken from a novel by William Burroughs, who created a character called a heavy metal kid. Or maybe it’s from an article by Lester Bangs. Who knows?

We might risk a shot in the dark that a lot of heavy metal band members like to play and bet in casinos, be it real or online ones. It’s a lot of fun, a bit of adrenaline that in conjunction with the energy of the heavy metal music creates addictive (in a good way) entertainment. The online casinos are even better, because they can be accused from any place in the world, and if you use secure sites, there is nothing left but to try your luck. Did you know that KISS plans on opening a casino? The rockers are building the whole casino resort in Biloxi, Mississippi. Do you think they would have thematic slots and the right music playing in the speakers? We certainly hope so.

These interesting facts are, well, interesting, but we have some fun facts up our sleeves. Some say that the Bing Band was nothing in comparison to a concert of Motörhead. Although cats are all witchy and mysterious, they are apparently not big fans of heavy metal – once they hear it, their pupil size gets significantly larger, and their heart rate increases. Intriguing is that it does not happen in the case of classical music.

Did you know that there is a death metal band with a parrot as a lead singer? Hatebeak has Waldo as a frontman (or maybe front parrot), and they never tour because Waldo might not get along with it.