METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD Gets Angry At Fan During Montreal Concert (Video)

James Hetfield Angry At Fan

METALLICA‘s second show in Montreal, August 13th, took an unexpected turn when band’s frontman James Hetfield, expressed his anger at a fan in the crowd. A video clip circulating on social media shows Hetfield pointing at a fan and yelling, “”Hey you, F**kin’ get down motherf**ker!,” and “Get the f**k down, goddamn!”

The reason for Hetfield‘s outburst is not yet clear.

This was METALLICA‘s second show in Montreal, Canada as part of their M72 tour.

The M72 tour, initiated in late April in Amsterdam, Netherlands, showcases METALLICA performing two separate shows in each city they tour. Each show, known as a “No Repeat Weekend,” presents entirely unique setlists and supporting acts. The tour is also characterized by a daring new stage layout that moves the iconic METALLICA Snake Pit to the center of the performance area.