METALLICA’s KIRK HAMMETT Says How His Life Has Changed After ‘Black Album’

METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett was interviewed by Germany’s Radio 21 November 2016 during the promotional tour for the band’s new album, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, where he discussed about how his life has changed after the Black Album.

He says (as transcribed by  “After the ‘Black Album’ came out, I realized I wasn’t able to go anywhere in San Francisco that I wanted to. [Chuckles]

“The way I found that out was going into a comic-book store – the same store I’ve been going to for 15 years – looking through the comics, looking up, and there was this woman staring at me.

“I was like, whatever… but she kept on staring at me! I was like, ‘Why are you staring at me?’

“And she goes, ”Cause you’re Kirk Hammett!’ I was like… I thought, ‘I am Kirk…’ This has never happened before, what’s up?! No-one’s ever come up to me in that store and said that to me!

“Then I realized we’re at a level of recognition we’ve never been at and I better start getting used to it.

“Because you can’t really undo that stuff. You can’t say, ‘Hey, no, I don’t want this!’ It just kinda happens and you have to adjust…”

You can watch the entire interview below: