METALLICA’s Live Performance Of ‘Master of Puppets’ Perfectly Timed With Lightning Strike

Lightning Strikes During Metallica Concert

At METALLICA‘s first show of 2024 on May 24 in Munich, Germany, the elements conspired with the band to create an unforgettable atmosphere for the thousands of fans in attendance.

As heavy rain poured down, METALLICA began playing the opening notes of “Master of Puppets,” when a dramatic lightning strike lit up the sky.

The lightning hit as the band launched into the song, astonishing the crowd. While a strike during “Ride the Lightning” might have been more fitting, the electrifying addition perfectly complemented METALLICA‘s powerful performance of their iconic track.

Check out the video below.

Supporting their latest album, 72 SeasonsMETALLICA has embarked on the “M72” tour, featuring two-night, no-repeat shows in each city. The tour began in Europe, moved to North America, and has now returned to Europe. Each concert showcases METALLICA on an enormous ring-shaped stage with the Snake Pit at its center. Four drum sets are strategically placed around the stage, allowing drummer Lars Ulrich to connect with the audience from different points throughout the performance.