MOSROT and ‘Carnal Enslavement’

Thundering from the tiny Island of Malta, four youngsters’ (respectively in their mid-teen’s) pounds old school Brutal Death Metal to the centre of your core. Influenced by the Master of Early Death Metal, MORSROT started crushing riffs in early 2021. The band has been busy practicing and a four-track demo EP has been recorded as their first opus and released to the world on YouTube.

MORSROT had their baptism of fire when they played their very first Metal festival in early 2022 – the Metal City Festival – Malta’s biggest showcase of rock and metal bands of the year followed by a gig at the hottest Metal club in Malta – The Garage Metal Venue.

The band were received positively by the local Metal Heads welcoming them with a fierce mosh pit while crushing each track live. MORSROT will be playing live at festivals and gigs in Malta this Summer.

The band are currently shopping for a label to call home and live play in Europe.


Kieran Brannon (Guitars, Vocals)

Gabriel Gellel (Guitars, Vocals)

Jean Gouder (Bass)

Alex Fenech (Drums)

track list:
1. Carnal Enslavement 
2. Religion and its Destructive Nature
3. Insubordinate
4. Trenches of the Mind




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