Morsrot – Carnal Enslavement (Demo) Review

Zillion years ago in a distant galaxy two friends of mine decided that it would a great idea to buy Destruction’s EP “Mad Butcher” to give me as a birthday present. Ok, so far so good. The problem is that none of us were into Extreme Metal that time nor had a clue what Extreme Metal was. Their intent was only and solely to mock this long-haired guy here. The problem is that it backfired. I decided to play the vinyl and guess what? I loved! It was the first Extreme Metal band that I really liked and it opened the path to many others from then on.

Ok, then you, my dear fan, might be asking to does this Morsrot “Carnal Enslavement” have to do with Destruction’s EP “Mad Butcher”? Well, nothing and everything. I guess if I were back then I’d like this demo tape just the way I liked Destruction’s. The intent of their music is just the same. That is to be louder and heavier than hell as possible with a Hardcore attitude. I mean, initial Extreme Metal bands suffered many influences from Hardcore. The almost military and martial cadence is just one of them. Fast as hell drumming is another. There are both in here. “Carnal Enslavement” starts that guitar riffing that was made famous by many bands and still works very fine. Then follows a cavernous yell from the depths of the throat of vocalist Kieran Brannon. His hideous voice fits perfectly with the 1980s mood the band desires to impress in here. The instrumentals’ overtunes do fit as well as the guitar solo showcases us. Mosrot perfectly got the 1980s intent and immeadiately put it into their music. Sometimes “Carnal Enslavement” reminds me a little the great Hallow’s Eve. “Insubordinate” has that feeling of early Death Metal in vocals and in the blast beats. Mosrot again got it so right. That’s exactly how early Death Metal used to sound even before Death Metal. “Trenches of the Mind” has the same spirit however with a little more balance. But undoubtedly that’s the spirit. Play faster and dirtier than hell the more you can.

This demo tape gives a great idea of what Mosrot can be. The carnage and pain the band impresses in here is impressive. Anxiously waiting for the album.

Track Listing:

  1. Carnal Enslavement
  2. Insubordinate
  3. Religion and its Destructive Nature
  4. Trenches of the Mind

Watch “Carnal Enslavement” demo here: