Mystfall – Celestial Vision Review

One of the strongest arguments people that don’t like Metal music use to posit is that Metal is musically limited meaning that its basis is poor. I didn’t agree with it back then before starting to work here and knowing so many bands whose music is anything but limited and I couldn’t agree less today. I said it a million times and I’ll say it again. Metal music isn’t limited. Maybe, just maybe, Metal music is the only musical genre that allows itself to always search for the perfect sound. So, bands look for the best musical fit for their music and that means combining it to so many other genres. The myriad of great bands I have reviewed here is the proof of my point.

Mystfall with their debut album “Celestial Vision” is one more living proof to my point. To say that the band is limited is a federal offense. “Celestial Vision” may be everything except limited. Of course, it might sound a bit elitist to say that Mystfall most blatant influence comes from Classical music. A quick listen to album welcomer “Resisting Heaven (Intro)” shows that unequivocally. Marialena Trikoglou openly operatic vocals is just the same. But the thing is that it takes years to get where the band is. Mystfall’s sonancy is hard to get. Of course, it isn’t limited as the band explores the universe of Metal music influences as well as the thick guitars ffollowed by the gentle acoustic guitars of “The Balance of Time” have to show. Here the band does that very well known chase of balancing vocals from female to male. It’s the classic piano strikes while opening the tittle and opening track “Celestial Vision” that may be the perfect balance and impression of the band. The vocal contrasts of Marialena Trikoglou openly operatic vocals with the harsh of Kostas Mexis intertwoven with thick guitars and violins that perfect the formula the band searches. These features are as well Mystfall’s staplers.

My dear child of the night, have this in mind, Metal music is anything than limited. It’s rich and incredibly fulfilling. “Celestial Vision” is album of neat instrumentals and magnificent vocals. Far from limited.

Mystfall “Celestial Vision” was released on July 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Resisting Heaven (Intro)
  2. Celestial Vision
  3. Centuries
  4. Endless
  5. Silence
  6. Kings of Utopia
  7. Moral Compass
  8. The Balance of Time
  9. Freedom Path

Watch official video here: