Nattsvermer – Nattsvermer Review

There are albums that commence in a, let’s say, not very promising way. In general, the intro isn’t exactly what we’re expecting, but slowly – or not – each track turns into a surprise. I’ve ran into many albums like this since 2016. That’s why I always say that I listen to all the album more than one time to give the chance to get to know everything. It was only by the third track “Controlled” that I understood what Nattsvermer with their self-tittled album were doing here. I had no clue before with the intro “Skummring” and album warmer “Devil’s Den,” which I admit didn’t warm my heart.

“Nattsvermer” is the debut album of the eponymous band delivering a hodgepodge of influences having Doom Metal as the leading drive. At least, that’s what I think after hearing the album. The impression I have is that the album was recorded with songs from different times of the band. I say because a track like “Mistress of Defeat” is very different from “Voice Inside,” for instance. The thing that connects both is the Doom Metal atmosphere given by vocals and by the thick guitars even though the riffs are in a pretty different format. Maybe the intent of Nattsvermer was to give an alternative and modern wrapping to their music. That’s what I saw in “Breathe” with its post-metal mood in the guitars.

I’ll say that “Nattsvermer” has an experimental atmosphere. There is what I think that is a raw taste in the instrumentals that give the album a kind of charm. Tracks as grand finale “Nattsvermer” have big guitar riffs and all of a Metal mood wrapped with the post-metal features I talked about. I’ve got a feeling that maybe the overtones are a little off in this track. Just my impression.

Nattsvermer “Nattsvermer” will be released on September 22nd via Rob Mules Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Skummring
  2. Devil’s Den
  3. Controlled
  4. Voice Inside
  5. Polaris
  6. Rash
  7. Lost in Life
  8. Mistress of Defeat
  9. Bad Knee
  10. Breathe
  11. Nattsvermer

Watch “Voice Inside” official music video here:


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