Necronomicon – The Final Chapter Review

Are you, my child of the night, keeping the count? It’s the fourth Heavy Metal band with a planned release for this week. And I’m not sure it’s the last, but the music Necronomicon deliver in “The Final Chapter” makes this old fellow very happy and full of hope. This album gives the certainty that Heavy Metal is still evolving and evolving into something even more wicked and sick and filthy. It seems that Necronomicon decided to begin where Judas Priest stopped with “Painkiller,” their heaviest album from where I’m standing. Though the press release says this is a Thrash Metal band I will respectfully disagree and trust on what I listen. There are too many Heavy Metal elements to just let them go. Unlike many may think, “The Final Chapter” lost not even an inch of the heavyness and power with this. No, sir. The album is muscular and overwhelming as it can be.

Now I remember to have reviewed their 2018’s “Unleashed Bastards” effort. Well, I guess things changed just a small bit from the previous album, but the essence is still the same. This time my opinion is that the band brought more Heavy Metal elements to their melting pot of influences to reach an album that can be sick and muscular and at the same time full of melody and singalong choruses. “The Final Chapter” is remarkable in all senses: the drumming is flawless with all the creativity needed to enlight the songs and give them extra power, guitars are sharp, flashy and precise bouncing from flamboyant solos to short cuts that give the precision they wanted to pass on, the bass thunders and sustain the power all the time and vocals guarantees that the pack is well-delivered to say the least. The best track to check this out is, obviously, opening track “I Am the Violence” which both feet on Speed Metal drumming features.

Even though the motto here is to be as sick and filthy as possible there are tracks that begin by the opposite as “Stormreaper” which begins with a mellow guitar to soon speed up without losing the emotion as vocals go on. Vocalist Freddy deserves all the credit for the magnificent mood in the song with a catchy, but strong chorus just the way choruses have to be. See, it’s possible to deliver emotion without being cheesy.

“The Final Chapter” is a magnificent album and already nomited for the best of this 2021 A.D.

Necronomicon “The Final Chapter” was released on March 26th via El Puerto Records.

Track Listing:

  1. I Am the Violence
  2. Give Me Fire
  3. Pain
  4. Purgatory
  5. Burning the Fury
  6. Spilling Blood
  7. Selling Nightmares
  8. Justice
  9. The Devil’s Tears
  10. The Unnamed
  11. Me Against You
  12. Stormreaper

Watch “The Nightmare Continuous” official video here: