New TOOL Album Report: Majority Of Recording Is ‘Likely Done’

Tool band

In the latest newsletter on TOOL‘s official site, webmaster Blair confirmed that drummer Danny Carrey had played him a new TOOL song in his car, which he referred to as the “track 3.”

After just mentioning that Danny played him the tune, Blair added: “No spoilers here, which I’m sure you’ll thank me for later.”

Also, Alternative Nation reports that FourthEye admin Hellboy wrote that he spoke to Blair, who confirmed to him that “track 3” had Maynard James Keenan‘s vocals on it.

The post reads:

“I asked Blair if there was Maynard on what he heard, and the answer was yes. I didn’t ask (nor will I) for further information.

“As to where they are at – I’m no expert in the process, but seems likely that the majority of the recording is done. Any further recording at this stage I expect would just be to add a bit of color and depth to the album.

“I’d like to think however that’s all done, and all that remains is some tweaking of the mix, and sending off to master in January. I expect Maynard will want to be involved in approving the final mix, so don’t expect this part to be ‘done’ until after APC wrap up.

“I still think an album in April is the most likely scenario, unless Tool take what I’d consider to be an unusual step (for them) of releasing digitally first, and then physically second.

“Assuming they go for a traditional physical release, we need to ponder where are they at with artwork? Are they going to do vinyl? I doubt the band is going to take a backwards step in regards to the presentation of their physical release.”