NIKKI SIXX Says He’s Been Stalked And Harassed By Two People


MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx has publicly stated that he has been stalked and harassed by at least two individuals in recent years.

Nikki took to social media to write: “Like many other public figures, myself and my family were harassed and threatened by a stalker. A deranged woman from Tennessee, who I have never met or seen before, targeted my wife and child with threats of death and bodily harm.

“This was not some Internet troll but someone who was convinced that she was somehow connected to me. Her harassment went on for a long time and got progressively more scary, forcing me to go to court several times and obtain restraining orders. She violated the restraining orders multiple times. As a result, the court found the conduct serious enough to hold her in contempt of court and order that she be arrested.

“I want to thank the judge, the court staff and my legal team for protecting my family.

“Now another stalker from a different part of the country started doing the same thing, going so far as to travel to my house and threaten our lives again,” he continued. “The FBI is currently investigating.

“It’s one thing to threaten my safety but when it comes to serious threats against my wife and children, it just becomes beyond alarming. They do not deserve this.

“Thank you to the FBI, law enforcement, the detectives and the legal and court system for treating these threats with the severity and urgency they require. I will go to any lengths to protect my family.”