OCEANS Unleash New Single ‘Voices’ Feat. LENA SCISSORHANDS

Oceans band 2020
Photo credit: Niklas Karrenbauer

German post metal heroes OCEANS light a beacon of hope and solidarity with the broken and misunderstood. The band from Berln/Vienna announced their new digital-only EP “We Are Nøt Okay” to be released on April, 30th. And today they unleashed a new single “Voices” with Lena Scissorhands (INFECTED RAIN). Check out the official new track below!

Dealing with schizophrenia, an often misunderstood and yet very serious condition, the song is completed by the mesmerizing voice of Lena Scissorhands (INFECTED RAIN) and once again proves the band’s stunning ability to merge different music styles into their work.

Timo Rotten states: “This song is fragile and violent. It displays self love and self hatred at the same time. We tried to capture a particular state of mind with ‘VOICES’, it’s basically our own interpretation of paranoid schizophrenia. OCEANS has always been about contrast, because most things in our world do have multiple sides to it, especially with mental health everything is multi-layered.
Normally, I try to transport that with my use of growls and clean singing, but Lena‘s vocals put the whole thing on a whole different level. The sheer amount of emotion in this track makes me shiver every time I listen to it.”

Lena Scissorhands adds: “Being part of the song ‘VOICES’ was an easy decision for me. I loved the lyrics and the music right away. The message is raw and very relevant to the current society we live in.“

The EP “We Are Nøt Okay” will be released on April 30th and contains four different songs dealing with all aspects of mental illness. Each track will feature a special guest adding his very own style to the new output of Berlin/Vienna based post metal heroes OCEANS.