OMGEVING Releases ‘VI – Eenzaamheid In Extase’ Music Video


OMGEVING – a new project emerging from the Netherlands has released their first music video for the track “VI – Eenzaamheid in Extase” from the upcoming debut album Wijde wijdte, releasing December 6 on Hypnotic Dirge Records.

OMGEVING is an experimental musical project from Dutch musician Franck Johanson (Distillator) where the listener is meant to interpret the sound as auditory landscapes, every texture part of a broader perception that has been created. The first OMGEVING album crosses the boundaries of black metal, space rock, ambient, and doom. It is an entirely instrumental work based on conjuring imagery through soundscapes, through tones and frequencies that transport you through inner and outer space. This album should interest those who enjoy the slow buildup of layers, working with dynamics to build to a hypnotizing crescendo, shifting between subtle ambience to a piercing wall of sound.”

Pre-order the album at this location.