OZZY OSBOURNE Plans To Practice Tai Chi For Enhanced Balance And Mobility

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne said he will attempt Tai Chi in a bid to improve his balance and mobility. As his Parkinson’s disease progresses, changes in balance and mobility become more noticeable, and activities like Tai Chi are often recommended.

“It’s good for balance. It’s a new adventure,” Ozzy said.

The famed singer-songwriter, now 74, opened up about the toll the past five years had taken on him and his family, describing it as “absolute hell”. The injury, a result of a quad biking accident, necessitated multiple surgical interventions. In addition to this, Osbourne is living with Parkinson’s disease, a condition he doesn’t allow to dominate his thoughts.

“I wanna get back,” he added. “All options are open for me now.”

When asked about his health on the recent episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Ozzy responded: “I’ve finally had my last procedure two days ago. I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of it. The main thing is it’s over now, I’m done with the surgery.

“But it’s been five years of absolute hell for me and my family,” he continued. “My family have been so supportive of me. I couldn’t have done it without them. It’s been a really bad scene. I have Parkinson’s, but I never think about it.”

Ozzy‘s son Jack Osbourne added: “I think that’s the biggest misconception. So many people think that what’s happened to dad over the past five years is a result of Parkinson’s, but it was really the neck injury and the fall that he took in 2019.”

Pondering over his quad bike accident, Ozzy said: “I just got up and carried on but I had a broken neck (vertebra) and I carried on working with it until I had that fall and then everything came undone.

“I don’t gripe, I get on with it. If you are still moving, you ain’t going to be dead.”

Osbourne was slated to co-headline the festival alongside other legendary bands like METALLICAAC/DCIRON MAIDEN and GUNS N’ ROSES, but has had to withdraw from the event. JUDAS PRIEST has been selected as his replacement. Despite his disappointment, Osbourne is committed to his fans and insists on only performing when he can meet their expectations.