PESTILENCE U.S. Tour Cancelled After MetalSucks Accused Their Singer Of Racism

On July 24th, MetalSucks has published an article in which they accused PESTILENCE frontman Patrick Mameli of racism.

Here is an excerpt from the original article: “This past October, Mameli took to social media to post a photo of himself sporting blonde dreadlocks. When one follower commented that he looked like a member of the ’90s pop group Milli Vanilli, Mameli replied, “Je zegt dat ik een neger ben?” — Dutch for “You’re saying I’m a n*gger?”.”

“Although it’s tempting to dismiss Mameli’s use of a racial slur as an unfunny and ill-advised joke, Mameli also propagated bigoted ideology during a recent defense of Donald Trump and Fox News.”

You can read entire article here.

Now, Mameli has posted a statement on his Facebook telling how they U.S. mini tour got cancelled thanks to MetalSucks:

“Thanks to MetalSucks and their followers, our US minitour has been cancelled by our U.S. promotor. We are saddened by this and how people believe a shady person, to say the least, over us/me. 30+ years of Death Metal, and never one accusation of racism, nazism or sexism. What a joke. PESTILENCE‘s line up has always been international. How can that be racist? Good job done MetalSucks and the people involved in trying to slander us. PESTILENCE wil remain with pride and dignity. We love ALL our fans worldwide. No matter race, culture or any difference. Together we stand tall.

Patrizio Mameli