PHIL DEMMEL On MACHINE HEAD’s ‘ROBB FLYNN’: ‘I Don’t Have Any Desire Or Need To Talk To Him Ever Again’

Robb Flynn Phil Demmel

During a recent appearance on Let There Be Talk, current VIO-LENCE and former MACHINE HEAD guitarist talked about the musicians who inspired him, while also touching on his current relationship with his ex-bandmate Robb Flynn.

When asked if Randy Rhoads or Eddie Van Halen were his major influences in the early days, Demmel responded: “I loved Eddie but the reason why I picked up the guitar was Angus Young. I was thinking drums in the beginning but it just had too much sh*t. That’s why I’m a snowboarder and not a skier — there are just too many parts. And Angus was just… When I heard the [1976’s] ‘Ride On’ solo I really felt what Angus was trying to express and that’s what I want to do. I think most of Rhoads‘ influence on me is from his passion, from his conviction, and his playing.

“He is a little tiny guy, he is a little dude, and he owned the stage! You felt what he was doing and I loved his presence. I loved what he was playing in this classical style, I don’t think that I emulate that in any way, maybe a couple of riffs here and there. But it is just more about his passion for the music and his conviction on stage.”

Asked where he’s at with Robb Flynn right now, Phil said: “I haven’t talked to him pretty much since the end. I don’t have any desire or need to talk to him ever again.”

Demmel announced his departure from MACHINE HEAD in September 2018. He later said in an interview that he left the band because he “didn’t like [his] job anymore” and did not like the musical direction that Flynn had been taking the band in over the last three years.