Poison Headache – Poison Headache

Poison_Headache_-_Poison_Headache  The hardcore scene of bands has always had me interested, yet in terms of how much I’ve actually delved into the genre I’ve been poking it with a very long stick. I’ve always been looking for that one band to really get my attention so that I may find the correct introduction into hardcore that I needed, and Poison Headache may just be the intro that I needed. Coming in with a smashing ten tracks that hold nothing back, Poison Headache’s self-titled debut album show the truly aggressive side of hardcore as not only does everything from the vocals and intensity of it all smack you right across the face, but the speed places a key role in the piece. Speed is important as well all know, but managing to condense all of the raw aggression and intensity into less than three minute long songs while still having it sound awesome is a feat in it of itself, and Poison Headache pull if off like they’ve been doing it for years. Everything flows extremely well with a break neck paced track will be followed up by a blast of fiery hatred and anger that sears your face only to have to recover and go back in for even more, which is something that I don’t find myself saying very often because a lot of hardcore acts just seem to try be loud and mad but they almost always seem to have little to no substance beyond that. Poison Headache easily smash the competition to create something that is very enjoyable especially for people like me who aren’t really all that into hardcore but have always been meaning to check it out more, and this is, as I said, the correct gateway into hardcore that I needed and I’ve no doubt the same will be said for many other people who check out this debut when it’s released. And if you still don’t like it then maybe the clarity and clean sound the record itself with its crisp texture and amazingly well done mastering, production, and all that good stuff to gives us something in such high quality that you’d be hard pressed to find something with this level of clarity outside of larger bands. In the end though, it is hard not to call Poison Headache’s debut a success as it pulls off everything it possibly could’ve making it extremely entertaining for anyone who wants to have their lights punched out over and over again by sheer intensity and a massive presence, and Poison Headache delivers it on a golden platter of awesomeness.

“Poison Headache” releases on June 3rd! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Sin Eater
  2. Pity the Backseat
  3. Rot with Me
  4. Conspirator
  5. Gray Skies
  6. Benumbed
  7. Death’s Design
  8. Hail, Colossus
  9. Never. Again.
  10. Discloser