QUEEN’s BRIAN MAY Slams UK Government: ‘Their Collective Dishonesty Is Beyond Shameful. God Help Britain’

Brian May Live 2015

QUEEN‘s Brian May has expressed strong criticism towards the UK government and Britain’s right-wing press. Disappointed with the state of the political landscape, May pointed out that it’s increasingly challenging to uncover the truth in contemporary society.

The guitarist from QUEEN shared an image of the Daily Mail’s front page from August 4th, displaying Greenpeace activists protesting in front of, and atop, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s rural residence. They held a banner stating, ‘Rishi Sunak – Oil Profits Or Our Future.’

The Daily Mail’s headline that accompanied the picture questioned, ‘HOW ON EARTH COULD THIS BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?’ The sub-headline/Daily Mail Comment suggested, ‘As eco-protestors occupy the roof of the PM’s family home, what a humiliating symbol of our supine tolerance of a tiny, self-obsessed group of fanatics who disrupt everyday life with impunity.’

Along with the photo, May wrote: “The poisonous Daily Mail strikes again, deliberately obscuring the point. The point being that the unquestionably suspect Rishi Sunak is unquestionably WRONG to allow vastly more drilling for oil in our waters – and the advocates of Just Stop Oil, no matter how annoying they might be, are UNQUESTIONABLY RIGHT.

“To me it’s now unquestionable that the wrong people – The Tory Government and the Tory Press, are the WRONG PEOPLE to be in power. Their collective dishonesty is beyond shameful. God help Britain.”