Restless – Superload Review

The rawer, the better. So say some Metal fans. I agree with them to some degree. Raw albums do have their charm and that’s undeniable. But there is a slight difference between raw and poorly played. In fact, both do have their charm as well. For Metal and Punk fans the way the band plays doesn’t matter too much as the attitude. In a way, I guess attitude is more valued.

Restless with “Superload” show both ways. It’s an album with attitude and a bit raw. There are some naive guitar solos as in “Snakebite” and the production isn’t that shiny. Some moments in “Superload” could have had a better resolution. There are sme strange sonancies. Want to now what? It gives “Superload” even more charm. Take for instance the power ballad “Back by My Side” which sounds pretty nice and well-produced, but there is a certain feeling of something more that the song could get. However, as I said, all of this makes the album and the songs even more tasteful. I guess fans are a bit tired of overproduced album and bands.

With the petard “Bad Addiction” the album is kicked off and the general directions are given. The song sounds dirty and mean as this kind of Hard Rock should be. The sound of the overdrive the guitars use please me a lot. Sometimes I think that overdrives work better for heavy songs than the distortions pedals most used. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but I just love the sound of the drive of Marshall amps. Their sonancy is fantastic. But the highlight of the album is “Another Shot” with a fantastic bassline mixing some little slaps with a heavy cadence. It’s much to say that the bass sparks all the attention with its shining lines. A naive guitar solo takes place filling the blanks and giving the song more charm. Another highlight is the acoustic “Never Walk away” following the tradition of acoustic song borrowed from classic Hard Rock. There is a certain dash of R.E.M. in it in the vocals.

If you like it raw, that’s what you get.

Restless “Superload” was independently released on November, 25th.

Track Listing:

  1. Bad Addiction
  2. Another Shot
  3. Never Walk Away
  4. New Frontier
  5. Snakebite
  6. Back By My Side
  7. Piece of Me
  8. Black Widow
  9. One Last Ride
  10. Shoot ‘Em Down

Watch “Another Shot” official video here: