REVIEW: Dreamfire – Atlantean Symphony


RELEASE DATE: 05-05-14

The work of Dreamfire exists in the spaces above the physical realm, and is a conceptual manifestation of journeys through time, space and reality, within the boundless and timeless expanses of the macrocosmic universe.

The ‘Atlantean Symphony’ journey began over a decade ago, when the [3rd Dreamfire] demo recording of the same name was released. 2012 saw the completion of what began with that vision. The demo was but a seed, the beginning of an enlightening journey; the alpha to the omega of what grew into the ultimate realisation of the album.

And now, 2014 sees the re-release version, with 2 exclusive CD only bonus tracks, including a re-imagining of arguably the most haunting piece of music ever written: Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ – here presented in a fusion of nature and mysticism for piano and storm.

The main body of ‘Atlantean Symphony’ is composed of 12 sections; all part of a single, seamless musical journey into the deepest part of the soul. Reawaken memories of that which has passed, and become totally immersed in the wonder, the mystery, the power, the fragility. The key to the kingdom lies within the listener; Dreamfire merely provides the portal through which one can choose to step, and become part of a greater shared experience..

Released on CD as a lavish antique book style pressing [containing 2 exclusive CD only bonus tracks], as well as worldwide through all major download platforms, ‘Atlantean Symphony’ offers an opportunity for the listener to take their first step on the road into the world of legends.

Enter the world of Dreamfire…Where music meets infinity


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