Riptides – S/T Review

If there is a Metal subgenre that I really don’t get very well is Djent. I mean what can be labeled as Djent? Even though it’s been seven years here listening to all kinds of Metal music I’ll admit I’m unable to respond this simple question. From what Riptides showcase me here with their self-tittled album “Riptides” it’s something that I would call experimental. Riptides’ music is full of incredible, but really incredible bass lines with a groove and a feeling that I’ve seen very times here. In this cauldron there are generous portions of Deathcore and some Progressive Metal features as well. The outcome of this hellish mixture is some kind of music that is very hard for me to label. The four tracks of the album are a defy to the senses. Everything here changes constantly very fast. The most standard thing of the album, if you get me right, is the vocals with all their variations from a clean one to a death growl. Well, if that’s Djent I’ll go with it.

“The Deepest Ocean” kicks off the away with some bass lines that I think incredible isn’t the exactly the right term. What bassist Matteo Salvestrini does here is out of this world. To some extent, Ferdinando Mannino’s vocals are the thing that keep Riptides’ music under control in a sense. His vocals overtone are the thing that bring the band pretty near the Progressive Metal ground keeping the music for humans, if you know what I mean. I say that because all instrumentals are out of this world totally. Like the name of the band, Riptides’ music go as the tides from here to any other place in a pace that no one can say it right. If my dear fan thinks that things will get more standard with following track “Inconstant” the impression is totally wrong. Though the song isn’t as inconstant as its tittle, the track has some unusual features. Here vocals dare a little bit and goes out of the comfort zone. Bass lines? As sick as the previous. Even if I don’t like the guitars overtones I have to say that they do fit into the bands’ musical intent. On the other hand, the guitars “Paranoia” are really, but really sick. The dissonant licks they do here all the time is really something to praise. In order to let the guitars fly away the bass is, infortunately, well-behaved. There’s something of Rage Against the Machine in the guitars here. From all I’ve heard here “Glimpses,” in turn, is the most predictable track of the album. The one that sounds the most Progressive Metal of them all.

“Riptides” isn’t for the average Metal fan. It takes a lot to understand an album like this. From now on maybe I’ll get to know Djent a little more and, perhaps, next time I’ll know one when I get it.

Riptides “Riptides” was released on February 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Deepest Ocean
  2. Inconstant
  3. Paranoia
  4. Glimpses

Watch “The Deepest Ocean” official music video here: