ROB HALFORD Says JUDAS PRIEST Is The First ‘Definitive’ Heavy Metal Band

Judas Priest

Rob Halford has stated in an appearance on WTF? podcast that he believes his band, JUDAS PRIEST, was the first “definitive” heavy metal band.

When asked by the host about the genesis of heavy metal as a genre, Halford responded: “Some say there was the great band called BLUE CHEER“Summertime Blues” was a really heavy song. Some people suggested the name heavy metal was from a STEPPENWOLF song, ‘heavy metal thunder’ [from “Born To Be Wild”].

“But as far as the sound, this is the great debate. Using SABBATH as a primary example… I’ve always pushed that SABBATH were a heavy metal band, but my friend Tony Iommi will always go, ‘No, we’re like a rock band, a hard rock band. I said, ‘No, you’re heavy metal.’ ‘No, no…’

“So, I will take that trophy that JUDAS PRIEST were the first ever, definitive heavy metal band,” he continued. “So that‘s a big thing to say, cos when this podcast cos they’ll say, ‘HALFORD says that PRIEST were the definitive heavy metal band…’. I stand by the statement for a lot of reasons.

“It’s a definitive sound, it’s a well-honed craft that came from these guys in the band that all had their own definition of what this heavy sound, this heavy experience should be.”

JUDAS PRIEST will release their new studio album, Invincible Shield, on March 8, 2024. Band also released first single, “Panic Attack,” which can be heard below.