Rolling Stone Will Let You Write For Them If You Pay Them $2,000

Kiss On Rolling Stone Cover

Have you ever wanted to write for Rolling Store magazine and you happen to have $2,000 laying around? Well, today is your lucky today!

Rolling Stone has launched what they are calling Culture Council that seeks “thought leaders” who are “cultural trendsetters” and want “the opportunity to publish original content to the Rolling Stone website.”

Being a part of the council means you’ll have “direct access to a living, breathing think tank” so you can “influence trends, create new art, and leverage your voice to create greater impact,” et cetera, et cetera.

For thus opportunity, you would have to pay $1,500 yearly with $500 upfront. The Guardian has found out that once you’re in, publication of your pieces must make it through a vetting process and might not even be published.

If this for some reason appeals to you, you can sign up here.