RONNIE RADKE Calls Out ‘Boring’ ROCK FEST Crowd, Fans Hit Back At ‘Pathetic’ Performance

Ronnie Radke Live

During the recent weekend, FALLING IN REVERSE delivered their performance at this year’s Rock Fest event. However, according to the band’s frontman, Ronnie Radke, the audience lacked the expected energy.

This view predictably stirred a variety of reactions among social media users, triggering a series of contentious exchanges between Radke and his fans. Following a nine-song set, which included their top hits and a rendition of SMASH MOUTH‘s iconic “All Star,” Radke aired his disappointment with the crowd’s response on social media.

He wrote: “Fans are always allowed to criticize bands, their music and performance. It’s time for bands to criticize crowds, Cadot Wisconsin was boring as hell. LOL. what are some cities you band dudes hate playing cause you know the crowds are lame?”

His rant ignited a firestorm of criticism from fans, to which one user responded: “Standing in the rain & thunderstorm & you bitch that there was a huge crowd waiting for you. Maybe you need to bring your game up & learn to put a show on instead of being a little diva. Very pathetic! Get out the business if you can’t work a crowd & bring their energy up.”

Another fan added: “He gave that attitude from the moment he stepped on stage. If the singer makes the crowd feel like he’s inconvenienced then they won’t get into it.”

Someone else pointed out: “You called the crowd lazy pieces of s**t then went on to sing All Star by smash mouth. Sit the f**k down. No wonder why the crowd didn’t f**king like you.”

Radke responded to fan remarks, highlighting his ambivalent sentiments towards the crowd: “Cadot Wisconsin must’ve been full of cheese curds last night, I’ll go back to my arena tour where they go the f**k off keep the cheese curds and hay stacks.”