ROTTING CHRIST Frontman SAKIS TOLIS: ‘I Believe That All Religions Are Rotting’

Rotting Christ 2018

In a new interview with The Metal Tris, ROTTING CHRIST frontman Sakis Tolis said that there has been a relentless crackdown on freedom of expression in many parts of the world, with some countries implementing repressive laws restricting speech.

He said (watch the interview below): “In England, you have freedom of speech, but, believe me, in other countries, you don’t. It’s very important for me — freedom of speech. People cannot express themselves. They have rules — different countries, different cultures, they have rules. We, the metalheads, should be heretics, should be something like… we don’t go with the flow, which, for me, is very important in my life. Sometimes you cannot change the world, but maybe you can put a little brick.”

ROTTING CHRIST, it’s a quite offensive name for many people,” Sakis said. “But I keep this name because I believe that all religions are rotting. [There is] a lack of freedom. Actually, I have found very interesting ideas from religions, but I don’t like it when someone exploits someone else’s beliefs and phobias. There are thousands of people — millions of people — that are ready to kill each other because of someone else’s beliefs.”