SAINT DIABLO: ‘Devil Horns and Halos’ Cover Art And Details Revealed


Three years after releasing their self-titled studio album, SAINT DIABLO have finished their sophomore album entitled ‘Devil Horns and Halos’, which was produced by Tim “Rumblefish” Gilles (ANTHRAX, THE MISFITS, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, ILL NINO) at Big Blue Meenie studios in Jersey City, NJ. The album will be released worldwide via Eclipse Records on November 13th.

The new album features ten ferocious metal tracks which capture the band’s abilities as songwriters and performers like they’ve never been showcased before. “Saint Diablo has written the best record of their career yet” says producer Tim Gilles. “We’re definitely making a statement with this album!”

The cover art (see below) was designed by Jordan Stanley (Stanley Studios), and it conveys elements and themes of various songs within the album.

The track listing for ‘Devil Horns and Halos’ is as follows:

Devil Horns and Halos
1. Survive This
2. Meet My Maker
3. Dark Horse
4. Ancient Astronauts
5. Trust Me
6. Last Fight
7. My Time
8. Adios En-Amigos
9. Reincarnation