SAMMY HAGAR Now Says DAVID LEE ROTH ‘Is Not Invited’ To ‘Best Of All Worlds’ Tour: ‘No F***ing Way’

Sammy Hagar David Lee Roth

Sammy Hagar has stated that David Lee Roth is not invited to take part in the entire “Best Of All Worlds” tour. Hagar initially extended an invitation to Roth but has now clarified that Roth will only be allowed to sing a song or two, rather than join the entire tour.

Despite their long-standing feud, Roth has expressed his willingness to perform with Hagar and has accepted the invitation, stating that he is ready to go. However, Hagar‘s camp has not formally reached out to Roth. The tour, which will focus on the music of VAN HALEN, is set to commence in July 2024 and will feature deep cuts from the VAN HALEN catalog.

“It’s time. Nobody else is gonna do it,” Sammy stated about performing songs from different eras of VAN HALEN during a recent appearance on “The Howard Stern Show.” “If Dave [Lee Roth] goes out, he can’t sing my stuff. [But] we can do a few of the early VAN HALEN songs. I have no problem with that; I did it when I was in VAN HALEN. This is really a celebration of all that, and we are the only ones who can do it.”

“We’re gonna invite every musician in every town,” he continued. “First of all, whenever you play, if there’s a guitar player in town, no matter what city it is, they come out to see Joe, just like they used to for Eddie [Van Halen]. So if we’ve got other guitar players, we’ll get them involved, other singers, get them involved. If [VAN HALEN drummer] Alex Van Halen wants to jump up, if David Lee Roth wants to come out and join us, come on, motherf**ker. You are welcome. This is about VAN HALEN.”

Roth expressed his readiness to accept Hagar‘s invitation in a recent statement to Van Halen News Desk, simply saying: “I’m ready to go. Let’s do this.”

When a fan on social media asked Hagar about Roth‘s response to joining him on the entire “The Best Of All Worlds” tour, Hagar seemed to dismiss the possibility.

“He can come out and sing a song on a show or two, if he can remember the words. He’s not invited on the tour NOOO F;()$(.g way,” Hagar wrote. “It was to sing a song with us somewhere like a lot of singers guitarist ect are going to do on this tour. I know better than to have him on tour again. Been there done that.” Hagar added in a separate comment: “He ain’t coming out with me again. Maybe 1 show a song or 2 if he remembers the words”.