SEBASTIAN BACH On FALLING IN REVERSE: ‘They Seem To Love Their Computers More Than Real Rock ’N’ Roll’

Sebastian Bach Ronnie Radke

During a recent Q&A with fans hosted by Metal Hammer, Sebastian Bach was asked him about his previous conflicts with FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho and FALLING IN REVERSE‘s Ronnie Radke.

In 2022, Sebastian Bach entered a heated exchange between Ronnie Radke and SiriusXM radio host Eddie Trunk. The controversy began when Trunk questioned FALLING IN REVERSE‘s decision to cancel a show due to missing laptops.

Radke responded to Trunk, sparking a debate over the use of tracks versus performing completely live. Bach joined the fray, and the two musicians sparred over the topic throughout the weekend. Radke later used their feud as comedic material in the “Watch the World Burn” video, featuring a Bach look-alike being hit by a laptop falling from the sky.

When asked if he would ever make peace with Radke, Bach responded: “I don’t know who that is. The only way I know that name is from the internet, so they might as well be a Republican politician or a reality TV show star or YouTuber. Whatever opinion someone has on the internet, for me to give a s**t, I would have to respect their music first. And I have never heard one note of that band. The only reason I know them is because they seem to love their computers more than real rock ’n’ roll.”

During a same chat, Bach was asked if he would ever participate in a “sing-off” with FOZZY‘s frontman and wrestling superstar Chris Jericho.

“The better question would be, will he do a wrestle-off with Sebastian Bach? Because I’m as much of a wrestler as he is a singer,” Bach responded.

In 2020, Bach slammed Jericho over allegations that the FOZZY frontman uses pre-recorded vocal tracks during live performances.

Bach initially accused Jericho of “miming to a tape” at FOZZY concerts in a social media post. In response, the wrestler-turned-rocker insisted that he had “never mimed anything ever” and challenged Bach to a “singoff” with “no effects, no tuning, no bullsh*t”, saying “Bas is a great singer…but I’m better.”

Over the following months, Bach repeatedly mentioned Jericho‘s alleged lip-syncing, most recently in a January 2021 interview with The Aquarian Weekly. He said at the time: “I have an open mind about everyone. If I read on that some band says, ‘We’re the future of rock ‘n’ roll and we are the next thing after THE ROLLING STONES,’ I think, this must be incredible! What have I been missing out on? So, I checked out one video during which the singer was 100% miming to a tape on stage at The Rockpile in Toronto. I thought to myself, ‘That’s weird, that’s not the next ROLLING STONES.’ So, I watch another video where he was opening up for NICKELBACK in an arena and, again, he’s miming to a tape. You can go watch it for yourself. Then someone said, ‘Here’s a clip of him singing live. Legit, bro.’ And it’s him miming to a tape again. It’s crazy obvious. It is not my opinion, it’s fact. It is not me starting a fight. But don’t tell me what singing live is, ’cause I have never used tape. I don’t even know how to do that.”

Jericho‘s most recent public response to Bach‘s criticism occurred in a tweet from January 2021. He wrote at the time: “I’ve been told that @sebastianbach continues to go out of his way to bury me. My response is this…be my guest! You are entitled to ur opinion & it doesn’t affect me either way. I still dig ur work on the first 3 @OfficialSkidRow albums & look forward to ur new record.”