SEBASTIAN BACH Slams CHRIS JERICHO Over Name Of FOZZY Tour: ‘It Never Ends With This Prick’

Sebastian Bach Chris Jericho

Former SKID ROW frontman Sebastian Bach has slammed Chris Jericho over the name of FOZZY‘s 2017 “Fozzy Across America” tour, implying that he came up with the moniker first.

Yesterday (October 16), Bach shared a couple of t-shirt designs from SKID ROW, with the following message: “Fozzy Across America? Really? Are you f*cking serious? As much as you wish rock and roll was wrestling, rock and roll is not wrestling. In rock and roll you’re supposed to think up your own sh*t.

“I love VAN HALEN but I don’t have a song called Running With the Devil. I love JUDAS PRIEST but I don’t have a song called Judas. Or Priest.

Skids Across America check out this t-shirt that I designed in the year 1989. I remember how proud I was when I thought of this branding and how happy I was that the band liked it too.

“It never ends with this prick.”

Feud between the two musicians started in mid-July after one fan commented on Twitter that Jericho “is starting to look like” the former SKID ROW singer.

Then Bach weighed in: “Every single day for the last two or three years somebody tells me this.”

After another person told Sebastian, ” You partied too much Jericho has you beat”, Bach said: “He definitely does considering that he mimes to a tape.”

The another fan said: “You know [Chris] tours with his band, right? I’ve seen him live a couple of times. He’s not lip syncing”, to which, Bach responded: “Cool let’s see a clip of that then because every single clip I have seen is Milli vanilli,” referring to the duo which infamously had to return their Grammy Awards more than 30 years ago after it was revealed they didn’t sing on their album.

Not long after that, Jericho took to social media to comment: “I’ve seen the derogatory comments towards me from somebody I considered to be a friend. So with that in mind, I’ll be happy to have a SING OFF w Sebastian Bach! No effects, no tuning, no bullsh*t. Bas is a great singer…but I’m better. You’ve got my number dude. Call me.” 

Bach then shot back: “Where is the derogatory comment? All I asked is to see one single clip of you singing live. Every clip on the Internet is you miming to a tape. I will sing in your f****** face anytime. Wrestling is not rock and roll. I will show you f****** rock and roll.”

Jericho then responded: “I’ve never mimed anything ever! And I don’t use *** in a tweet ever. I will f*cking sing in your face anytime, anyplace dude. I’ve been a fan & a defender of u since day one…but don’t u ever question my rock abilities! And leave wrestling out of this…I can hit a G4 brah!” 

Bach responded: “You’re full of s*** bro. Check your texts set up The Sing-Off I am ready when you are.”