SEPULTURA Is Considering Doing A Ballad On Next Album

Sepultura 2019
Photo credit: Marcos Hermes

In an apparent effort to persuade his fellow members of the enduring metal group SEPULTURA, lead singer Derrick Green hopes to incorporate a ballad into their upcoming album.

Receiving support from his musical colleague Toby Morse, the duo recently explored the idea during an appearance on Morse‘s show, One Life One Chance.

Often serving as a guest host on One Life One Chance, Green, who replaced SEPULTURA co-founder Max Cavalera as the band’s lead singer in 1996, engaged in a conversation with PARKWAY DRIVE‘s Winston McCall last week. During the discussion, the likelihood of an upcoming SEPULTURA ballad emerged.

“I think Derrick should do a ballad on the next SEPULTURA,” Morse said reiterating the feeling that the host and H20 singer has shared in earlier episodes. “I’m pushing for a ballad on one of the next SEPULTURA records,” he added.

“I’m still working on it, man,” Green responded. And McCall told the SEPULTURA vocalist that he has the voice for it.

“The band are artists, and for artists to expand and to grow, you need to evolve and step outside of the box,” Green added. “And that is super important. It’s scary. But I think people believe in that step when you do it, when you believe in it.”

SEPULTURA‘s latest studio album, Quadra, was released in February, 2020. It is a concept album based on numerology, the number four and its significance as depicted on Quadrivium.