Sergeant Steel – Truck Tales Review

Definitely all kinds of Hard Rock and Hair Metal are back!

It’s the second release in a role that we receive of the same genre.

Sergeant Steel with “Truck Tales” do an immense trip through the icons of the so-called Hard Rock of the 1980s with the bonus of some modernities. It’s good to explain the millenia fan that many bands liked the term Hard Rock than Heavy Metal because it allowed the mix of many references as Soul, Rock, Jazz and even more dashes of Blues. Also they could do use of instruments that weren’t ‘allowed’ into Metal Music as keyboards, sax, and others. I guess that’s the boat Sergeant Steel wish to sail on. Free liberty to do musically whatever they can and dare. So, “Truck Tales” is a rare moment to cherish all the influences the band wishes to add on embellished with powerful guitar riffs and solos. Plus incredible songs as “Nightmare” with some Alice Cooper taste in it.

“Truck Tales” is opened with “Fight Fire with Fire” which isn’t a cover from Metallica’s eponymous. It’s a bombastic 1980s mooding track with strong guitar riffing and the wall-of-sound of the guitars and an astonishing keyboarding and drumming. The production here gives a hand to the drums making it speaks louder, if you know what I mean. The chorus is as catchy as it can get. I’m 100% sure the fan that listened to this opening track couldn’t expect following track “Backseat Lover” with the electric piano in the intro and a cadence inspired in Mötley’s Crüe “Doctor Feelgood” era. Another catchy chorus that tells a lot about the band what they’re here for. The melts and mixes begin here to let the band freely experiment with other styles. Acoustic guitars, a fiddle, some piano and wind instruments give “Dance into the Light” a country rock/metal flavor as Poison and Guns ‘N Roses used to love. Here all the track is catchy, not only the chorus. “Brotherhood” follows some 1950s mood as a ballad with strong flavor of country and an anthemic chorus. The singalong kind. Sweet and kind, I have to agree. Together we are strong… I got me singing here. And humming… Therefore, there’s some more humming with the Europe driven keyboard intro in “The Time Will Come.” I guess it came.

Yeah, Hair Metal is really back. And stronger than ever.

Sergeant Steel “Truck Tales” will be released on January 22nd via Boyz Tyme Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Fight Fire With Fire
  2. Backseat Lover
  3. Dance into the Light
  4. Brotherhood
  5. Voodoo Queen
  6. Body Language
  7. Pain in My Ass
  8. Hunter
  9. The Time Will Come
  10. Nightmare

Watch “Fight Fire with Fire” official video here: