Serpents Oath – Ascension Review

One of the many beauties of Metal music is that even the least original band and album have their own personality and vibe. This diversity of sonancies make Metal music what it is today. A killer and undead kind of music loved by million people. Even listening to the same style in a role as I ‘m doing right now the differences from band to band is remarkable. Each band has it remarkable touch, its stapler, its own personal mark. It’s amazing what Metal music can do for a life. Last review I had an Old School Death Metal band, now I’m having a Modern Black Metal band with all the pros and cons. For the best and for the worst. Well, no worst at all as I said before.

I dare to say that Serpents Oath with “Ascension” have a foot on what is generally called Black Metal. The guitar riffings use the same technique of repeating high notes as many Black Metal bands are using today. The despair and the sense of nothingness are everywhere in the album. From the beginning with an introduction that might be remembered as from a movie to the sudden cut to introduce a sonic mass of despair and desperation. The almost religious chorus in “Thy Mighty Serpent” shows that the album has that something different.  While listening to “Ascension” the fan will notice that the album has a conducting line that gives the album the idea of a whole. Each track is musically and thematically connected as if they were only one. This idea of a whole album turns out to be very interesting. Serpents Oath deal very well with the idea and even faster and heavier tracks as “Bring down the Sun” which maybe be considered a little out shows that the band is consistent. Even though a little out “Bring down the Sun” sounds to be part of the whole due to the bands’ efforts. The way the guitar riffing is conducted helped a lot in the task. Of course, as all options made, there is the incovenience that some might think the album is redundant and repetitive. A track as “Invocation Maledictum” was needed to show the consistency of the band as it follows the same musical line as the previous track. For some redundant, for others consistent. Deal with it.

Serpents Oath “Ascension” was released on June 24th via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Invocation Pestum
  2. Summoning the Ancients
  3. Thy Mighty Serpent
  4. Invocation Perversum
  5. Blasphemy
  6. Bring down the Sun
  7. Invocation Maledictum
  8. Sworn to the Oath
  9. Of Fang and Claw
  10. Invocation Infectum
  11. Death the Destroyer
  12. Blood Moon

Watch “Blasphemy” official video here: